AAL is a global multipurpose shipping operator that serves the breakbulk, heavy lift, and project cargo industry.

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About AAL

AAL is one of the world’s leading breakbulk and project heavy lift cargo operators, offering a total multipurpose solution of flexible and competitive chartering and scheduled Liner services for its customers – an ‘around-the-world’ capability connecting Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

Established in 1995 and marking its 25th anniversary in 2020, the company operates one of the multipurpose sector’s youngest and largest fleets of modern MPP heavy lift vessels. The fleet comprises a variety of size classes that combine extreme heavy-lift capability (700 t max), with leading intake capacity (40,000 cbm max).

A single-minded focus on customer service and quality has led AAL to become the world’s most awarded MPV carrier. In 2016, it won multiple awards, including top honours at the Global Freight Awards in London and the 21st Australian Shipping & Maritime Industry Awards in Sydney. Early 2017, AAL won the AFLAS ‘Best Shipping Line – Project Cargo’ award (for an unprecedented fourth time) and followed it up in October with top ‘Project Carrier’ honours at the Lloyd’s List Asia Pacific Awards.

In 2018, AAL won the AFLAS award again and honoured within the ‘Excellence in Bulk Logistics or Heavy Lift Handling’ category at the Australian Shipping & Maritime Industry Awards 2018. In 2019, AAL followed up its previous successes with ‘Shipping Line of The Year’ at the prestigious Heavy Lift Awards and ‘Best Shipping line – Project Cargo’ at the AFLAS Awards.

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  • 3 jpg Wind Energy Equipment
    Wind Energy Equipment
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  • 4 jpg Discharge of cranes from AAL KOBE
    Discharge of cranes from AAL KOBE at The Port of Felixstowe, on 15-April-2019.
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    A-Class Vessels
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    AAL Melbourne loading two jib cranes in Taicang, China
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  • 7 mp4 AAL Melbourne Yacht Video
    Footage of AAL Melbourne arriving into Southampton, UK, with 38 yachts on deck
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  • 8 jpg Marc Willim
    Marc Willim, General Manager Chartering, AAL
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  • 9 jpg Nicola Pacifico
    Nicola Pacifico, Head of AAL Transport Engineering
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  • 10 jpg Jack Zhou
    Jack Zhou, General Manager of AAL China
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  • 11 jpg AAL Melbourne
    AAL Melbourne with 38 yachts on deck
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  • 12 jpg AAL Melbourne
    AAL Melbourne loading jib cranes in Taicang, China
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  • 13 jpg AAL Staff
    Get Onboard! is open to any registered charity to help ease the pressure of Covid-19.
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  • 14 jpg Kyriacos Panayides
    Kyriacos Panayides, Managing Director at AAL: "2020 is our 25th anniversary year and we unanimously agreed to harness this milestone to give something back to the communities that we serve."
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