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Based in Chicago, USA, Position : Global provides logistics companies and freight industry trade associations with professional website design, marketing campaigns, content creation and targeted, high-conversion advertising solutions.

Founder Scott Case has extensive experience with IT, global, national, and local public speaking events and more than two decades as a licensed Customs broker and freight forwarder.

Meantime and Position Global collaborate to deliver projects with local global range and expertise.

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Meantime is focused on a sustainable – people, planet, profit business approach and partnering with the Foundation for Future Supply Chain is a natural fit for us.

The Foundation for Future Supply Chain is a not-for-profit organisation providing politicians, government agencies, inter-governmental organisations, and business leaders with an independent source of thought leadership, addressing and advising on many critical policy issues.

The Foundation’s research is focused around a series of core themes including

Security and risk
Future mobility
Innovation and disruption
Public policy

To achieve this, the Foundation has brought together some of the industry’s brightest and most visionary thinkers from around the world in a forum, which facilitates discussion and provides a road map for future supply chain policy development.

Through its thought-leadership, the Foundation will challenge the legacy thinking, which often characterises public policy debate and corporate strategy.

It will publish regular policy papers, organise webinars, and provide access to a knowledge resource.