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6 questions that help you choose the right social media platform for marketing your business

Find the answers for creating a focussed social media strategy for maximum impact

Every brand/client wants to be on every platform.

“Why are we not on Instagram?”

“Look, they are on YouTube, we have to be on YouTube too!”

 “Everyone is talking about Snapchat, let’s get ourselves a Snapchat account ASAP”

Sound familiar?

In our previous blog posts we focussed on answering these two questions:

What is your objective?

Who is your audience?

Answering these questions is crucial to understanding which platforms will work best for your business.

Knowing who your audience is will give you a peek into their life to understand where they are.

And understanding where they are, answers the question ‘which platform is best for my business’.

An important aspect of this decision is to also understand the purpose of each social media site.

Asking these questions will help you to find exactly what you will be dealing with:

  • Is it a platform more apt for B2B or B2C marketing?
  • Is it easier to target a more local audience with one platform as compared to another?
  • What are the demographics of each platform?
  • Will a text-based or image-based platform support your brand and marketing strategy better?
  • Which platforms are your competitors using and why?
  • Do you have resources in place to create or source content as required by particular platforms?

Thinking about the above questions helps you get a perspective on which platform/s could be most suited for your brand.

Once you have identified the platforms, give yourself some testing time.

Execute your strategy on these platforms. After a fixed time period, assess and understand what has worked for you and what hasn’t.

Sometimes you will be surprised at which platforms yield results.

Once you have found your footing and success (this is where analytics come in!) with the selected platforms then you can always explore the other platforms out there.

About the author

Rose Ann Francis

Rose Ann was born the year Halley's Comet visited our solar system for the second time. A Jane of all trades, she got a Masters in Biotechnology and pursued a career in marketing & communications. After excelling as an editor and an advertising executive she is now expertly navigating the world of social media.