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What my insightful week of work experience at Meantime taught me

Cameron and the Meantime team having a meeting with Annie Roberts, Divisional Director of DVV Media International

When my school had started planning work experience for students, I had been preparing to spend the following week in my local library – instead I had ended up working at Meantime.

The transition from a library to one of the top B2B Public Relations companies within the logistical, supply chain and freight forwarding industry was a big one. And big transitions also come with big responsibilities, which I was generously provided with during my week of work.

There seems to be a common stereotype of internships and new appointees within professional workplaces. Aspects of patronising attitudes, infantilisation and being delegated menial tasks. However, during my week of work I wasn’t making coffee for the higher ups or shredding paper.

I received a level of responsibility and independence that I am deeply appreciative for. I had been involved in publishing and verifying press releases, emboldening social media platforms and many other things, but one part of this experience had resonated with me the most.

I was granted the opportunity to sit in and participate in meetings, interacting with a myriad of executives, directors, and managers of million-dollar enterprises, specialising in supply chain, logistics, aircraft, and even stretching to the upper echelon of Fintech. Companies that delve into aspects of AI, and how it has a relationship with logistics and trade in order to conjure high-end business models.

One example was being able to meet Lionel van der Walt, CCO of Raft. Sitting in a room with such a large figurehead within the freight forwarding industry can seem scary at first, but I was welcomed with nothing but kindness and down-to-earth conversation. Lionel had spoken to me as if we were friends and had advised me on what skills and attributes, I would need to practically implement in order to boost myself within a particular industry. He had given me an outlook on his journey into the freight forwarding sector, and key determiners of his success within these fields. It was truly informative and refreshing.

Another experience which had surprised me was the personal and genuine relationships you develop through connections and business. Emma had brought me along to an important business meeting she had with one of Meantime’s clients, Cool Chain Association, and once again I was sitting in a virtual meeting with directors, business officers, and major players within this wide, competitive industry. I was amused by Emma and the client having friendly banter, amidst the serious business meeting. They were talking as if they were good friends, and this was eye-opening, as we often detach our concept of business relationships with our real-life interpersonal relationships.

What we often forget is that a fundamental aspect of a fruitful business operation is maintaining a good relationship with partners or neighbouring companies. These other companies are often highly responsible for one or more aspects of a business’ success and what I have seen from Meantime is the utmost authenticity, cooperation and openness.

I will not forget the week I had at Meantime, I have been educated and given insight into what the working world entails. I am excited for what the future holds!

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