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How to break down and identify your marketing objectives for social media success

Trying to achieve multiple objectives with the same strategy can be exhausting and ineffective


“To increase the number of followers on our page and we want them to interact with our posts while also signing up for our newsletter!”

This is by far the most common answer I get to the question: “What is your social media marketing objective?”

While this is definitely achievable, this answer actually contains three different objectives, which require three different strategies.

To explain it better let me break it down.

The 3 main objectives of social media marketing can be:

Brand awareness

Brand Awareness

How many people out there know about your brand? The first step in achieving success on social media is for more people to be aware of your brand.

Your strategy has to include content that will give your audience more insight into your product or service and your brand’s vision.

This allows social media users to know more about your brand and so when they decide to ‘Follow’ you, you can be assured it’s for the long term.

Brand Awareness can be measured by the increase in number of Followers and the number of impressions.

Your next question is most likely “So how many followers should I have to say I have achieved brand awareness?”

Good question, and one that really depends on the size of your business and the type of business, which we work out, when designing a bespoke strategy and setting KPIs.


Building an engaged online community is the next crucial step

Now that you have interested followers the idea is to share content that will encourage them to interact with your brand.

And an increase in engagement can be measured by the interactions with your content, which is, Likes, Comments and Shares.


Relevant and engaged followers are more likely to take an action when your branded platform encourages them to do so.

The action can include signing up to a newsletter, commenting on a blog post etc.

This is also where KPIs for website traffic can be incorporated into the strategy as followers are more likely to follow a link out of the social media platform at this point.

Going back to our question at the beginning of the blog post.

It is great to be ambitious and want the best for your brand.

But the key here, lies in creating an effective strategy and that includes a clear-cut objective.

If you have multiple objectives, consider prioritising them and designing your strategy to achieve these goals in a systematic way.

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