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How to write a press release

Sending out a press release is a useful tool for communicating with the media and reaching a target audience


Writing and sending out a press release is the bread and butter of the public relations and communications industry.

Press releases are used by PR professionals all over the world to distribute news about a company, promote a new service or product, and to generally raise awareness about a client.

When used correctly, the humble press release is a simple, effective tool to communicate with an audience and can yield positive results for a business.

There is never a guarantee that the media will publish a story from a press release, but with some thought and strategic planning, the chances of reaching potential customers can significantly increase.

The following tips are to provide a little more understanding about how a press release can help your business, and why it is worth investing in B2B PR.

Key message – the purpose of a press release

When writing a press release, it is important to focus on the key message because that is the purpose of the release – to deliver a key message to a target audience.

So often in the world of PR, a press release will be distributed with the key message (or the interesting news angle that will catch the attention of the media) hidden within the body of the text.

Remember that editors, journalists, bloggers and influencers are busy people and to get their attention the key message needs to stand out straight away – not half way through the document.

That leads us on to the next point.

Powerful headlines

Never underestimate the power of a strong headline.

A headline should be clear and concise with simple, powerful language to encourage the reader to keep reading.

Basically, without a great headline, it is unlikely that people will continue to read the rest of the content, no matter how great the writing may be.

And in the online world of digital communications, that means making the headline click-worthy by including SEO keywords for your target audience.

Writing the introduction

A powerful headline should be followed by a first paragraph that sums up the entire story in one or two sentences.

However, you don’t want to say too much too soon because the aim is to ensure that people keep reading.

Writing the introductory paragraph can be a delicate process to get the balance right, but when done correctly it will hook the reader.

Focus on one story

When writing a press release it can be tempting to reveal everything in one go, but it pays to send out news strategically.

By sticking to one story for each release, the overall message can be controlled, and it provides the opportunity to send out a second release, which in turn highlights how great your company is.

Include a quote

Finally, don’t forget to include a quote when writing a press release.

Not only will it inject some personality into the story, but using a quote will add credibility and can position the person quoted as an industry thought leader on a particular topic.


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