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Innovating the PR space for clients and journalists

The creative ideas behind Meantime Communications’ Client Portals and Press Release pages

As a B2B public relations (PR) creative agency, we work for two kinds of clients, companies in the logistics industry that we represent, and journalists in the logistics press that we support with news releases and content.

At Meantime Communications, we are leading the way to provide the press and the public with information about the logistics and transport sector – while laying the foundations of a solid online presence for our clients with our press release design and client portals.

Our client web portals serve two purposes: to provide the simplest and easiest access for journalists to read and download the latest press releases, and to create a space for our clients to store an archive of useful media and news stories.

For our clients, the Meantime website creates a publically available press and news presence, which builds their reputation online, and opens the door for business growth and development opportunities.

For the Press releases, we went for an efficient and straightforward design so that information is organised accessibly and organically as a user engages with a news release, moving from headline, to text, to images.

Quality content is what drives a great website and a great story, so our news releases put the content first – the main page page keeps things clean with only one image.

If users want to download related images and media, all relevant information is on a new tab for a straightforward user experience that keeps visitors focussed.

Users can choose to download one or all the images, and we created a one click workflow to simplify and speed up the download process.

All our press releases come with a plain text version that saves time for the user by allowing one click selection for easy copying and pasting.

Likewise our client portals are organised into sections with information and resources all just one click away for journalists and members of the public to delve into and explore.

These may seem like small enhancements, but the devil is in the detail – the more efficiently information and data are organised, more satisfying and productive the user experience becomes.

Check out our client portals and news releases now and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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