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Moving Stories: Navigating Social Media for PR

Episode 2 of Moving Stories the Meantime Podcast

The evolving social media landscape is sometimes hard to navigate for businesses who can see the rewards, but are also aware of the risks – as Easyjet recently discovered, Social media can be a minefield for PR disasters.

In this episode of Moving Stories the Meantime Podcast, Scarlette (our intern), Hayley (Account Manager) and myself (Account Manager) talk about how we approach social media for our logistics and business clients – who uses it, why they use it and how businesses can take advantage of the different features and audience platforms like Linkedin and Twitter have on offer.

We talk about businesses can begin to think about a strategy for gaining a social media presence, and we answer the important question about who is really using Facebook nowadays.

Second album syndrome has affected music legends across the ages, and if you notice the audio quality is a bit lower this time, – it was down to technical issues that will be resolved for the next episode, and the show must go on!

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