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How we help logistics, tech, and fintech innovators achieve their B2B communication and public relations objectives, as well as a look at how our small business is working to achieve its sustainability goals by thinking big.

PR For All Sizes

Public Relations is how you get your business front and centre for your sector

We’ve all heard it before – size doesn’t matter.

No? Just me?

Well, it’s true.

Okay, pretend I’m your target customer. If you have the solution I need for my problem, I don’t care how big you are – I need to know you exist and how to get your solution.

You need PR to make sure I know.

When it comes to business, it doesn’t matter if you’re a well-established household name with decades of business acumen, or the sole person behind a startup working from your bedroom – getting involved with public relations is essential for building your brand, promoting your values, connecting with the customers and businesses you want to connect with, getting you seen by the right people, and driving your profits.

We all want to have journalists, industry influencers, and customers to write and talk about our businesses – we want to bathe in the warm glow of exposure and show everyone just how exceptional we are in our specialism; but it can cost a lot. No, not necessarily in money, but in time. And time is money. Every single pound/dollar/yen/rand/rupee or whatever is absolutely essential and needs to be utilised.

Let’s be realistic – do you have the time and resources to put into planning, running, maintaining, evolving, and evaluating your own PR campaign alongside running a business?

Probably not, particularly if you are a startup and working feverishly to secure as many sales as possible. Which is why we have developed a Kick-Start option that can be tailored for startup businesses seeking B2B PR expertise. If you’re a large company, take advantage of all the connections and experience an outside PR business can provide without having to spend resources internally.

By embracing PR and working with an expert PR consultancy your brand and solutions will be driven directly to the people you want knowing you exist. The people you want coming to you for advice and insight will know your name. Furthermore, there will be continuous work on building trust and credibility for your brand without losing time or wasting any precious profits.

Benefits of embracing PR are the industry connections you will suddenly find yourself nurturing. We all know that connections lead to new opportunities, such as becoming a panellist, or a guest speaker, being invited onto a podcast, or getting asked to provide input to a leading publication for an upcoming topic – so what do you have to lose?

Whether you are a huge multinational or a rag-tag group of three mavericks trying to take on the world, would you prefer to give the keynote speech on your expert topic at a conference filled with the exact businesses you are trying to build a relationship with, or send a LinkedIn post into the great void of the internet on the off-chance a Like turns into a meeting?

Plus, industry events are really good fun, so you should definitely be at them.

But there is so much more than just getting yourself seen in the right place at the right time by the right people in the right setting, and I’m sure we’ll cover these in other blogs.

About the author

Emma Murray

Emma was born in the year the Beatles broke up. She set up Meantime in 2008 after a 15 year career reporting on the supply chain and logistics industries. She is an NCTJ-trained reporter and an award-winning editor. She studied Middle Eastern Archaeology and Akkadian, although she has to admit her cuneiform is probably a little rusty these days. She was once an archaeologist working in Syria and Jordan, and has been an English language teacher. She has lived at one time or another in Jerusalem and Aleppo, as well as Paris and Brussels, where she went to school and learnt to speak French.