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The joys and challenges of producing your first podcast

How I went from PR initiate to expert and made a podcast mini-episode along the way


After a mere four days of getting to grips with the PR do’s and don’ts, the Meantime team very casually announce that they are bestowing me with the responsibility of interviewing several trainees from the Taylor Bennett Foundation(TBF) (yikes) which I will proceed to make into a podcast for the official website (double yikes).

Despite my lack of podcasting expertise, my creative side (which I have kept locked away over the period of my degree studying the intricacies of English Grammar) quickly emerged; ready to make something innovative.

Upon meeting the TBF students, I was full of energy and excitement to begin the project; however, this did result in hours of editing-out my aggressive outbursts of laughter throughout the interview audio…

As the interview progressed and everyone got over the amusement that I was using my iPhone as if it were a BBC 1 microphone, lots of interesting content began to emerge.

From “talking to models” to global communication, we discussed why working in public relations was a mutual career goal.

The trainees also elaborated on their day at Meantime Communications and the insights they had gained about the realities of working for a B2B PR consultancy.

Now that I’ve intrigued you, listen to the podcast mini-episode to find out more!

Even though I had to undertake the horrifying task of having to listen to my own voice on audio, I can conclude that I thoroughly enjoyed the creative journey of producing my first podcast, and I cannot wait for the next challenge Meantime present me with!

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Emma was born in the year the Beatles broke up. She studied Middle Eastern Archaeology and Akkadian, although she has to admit her cuneiform is probably a little rusty these days. She was once an archaeologist working in Syria and Jordan, and has been an English language teacher. She has lived at one time or another in Jerusalem and Aleppo, as well as Paris and Brussels, where she went to school and learnt to speak French.