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The digitalisation race is for targeted improvements to efficiency

Smaller freight forwarders need to digitalise now, or risk dropping out of the race entirely


The race to digitalise has already begun, and companies with access to greater funds have a head-start.

High costs are the most significant hurdle for smaller freight forwarders, and this means that smaller companies are already playing catch-up in the digitalisation race.

Even after embracing digitalisation, rather than gaining an edge, digitalisation will just allow them to keep up, but nonetheless, the benefits of digitalisation far outweigh the disadvantages.

Before continuing, it is important to clarify the difference between digitalisation and digitisation.

Digitisation describes the process of converting any form of data (usually text/image/numerical) into a digital format (in its simplest forms 1s and 0s) that can be read by computers.

Digitalisation is the improvement of business processes by leveraging the data generated by digitisation.

With digitalisation, data generation, data-crunching, verification and control can all be completely automated, making significant improvements to efficiency, accuracy, and quality of data.

The most obvious advantage digitalisation brings to freight forwarders is that it allows instant collaboration between colleagues, partners and customers, as data can be shared, and stored in the Cloud.

Anyone, or rather, those with permission, can access this data and use it for creating reports, analyses, and transparency, all of which contribute greatly to improvements in customer service in addition to efficiency.

As larger companies are already reaping the effiiciency and customer service benefits of digitalisation, it is now not a question of whether to digitalise, or why to digitalise, it is a question of when to digitalise.

Otherwise smaller freight forwarders smaller freight forwarders might have to drop out of the race entirely.

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