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To infinity and beyond – your invitation to the gender parity moonshot

Thoughts on launching the Women in Aviation and Logistics movement

Meantime Communications Finance PR - Change Horizon

There is no gender parity in air cargo – fact.

There are plenty of brilliant women in all parts of the air cargo chain – fact.

Women are underrepresented at Board level, and not only in air cargo, of course – fact.

Why does it matter? How do we change it? And what is the point?

It matters because we must build an ethical, successful, healthy future, not only for air cargo, of course, but for us all – a sustainable people, planet, profit future.

We change it by taking individual as well as collective responsibility. Yes, that means you, all of you.

Together with Change Horizon, Meantime has stepped up to launch a new initiative, the Women in Aviation and Logistics movement, which starts with asking you to sign a pledge to help.

We are also working on a database of women who are subject experts willing to join speaking panels at the many industry events and would like to be considered for positions at Board level.

The focus here is for us to deliver tangible and measurable results and benchmarks that will accelerate change.

We are inviting everyone to join us, and, following on from feedback at our first webinar this week, to be clear, that means men as well as women.

We have been happy to launch the project, but we are calling on you to take the mission on and see what you can add.

Use it as an excuse to start a conversation in your company. Make some noise on social media about it. Mentor someone. Bring another idea to the table.

What is the point?

If the last twelve months have taught us anything, surely, it is that we are better together, not only better, but stronger. Better people, better in our work/life balance, stronger and better businesses.

Let’s make sure this one small step for womankind turns into a giant leap for all of us.

To find out more, sign the pledge, or join the list.

About the author

Emma Murray

Emma was born in the year the Beatles broke up. She set up Meantime in 2008 after a 15 year career reporting on the supply chain and logistics industries. She is an NCTJ-trained reporter and an award-winning editor. She studied Middle Eastern Archaeology and Akkadian, although she has to admit her cuneiform is probably a little rusty these days. She was once an archaeologist working in Syria and Jordan, and has been an English language teacher. She has lived at one time or another in Jerusalem and Aleppo, as well as Paris and Brussels, where she went to school and learnt to speak French.