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What I learnt in my week of work experience

I spent a week with Meantime Communications and here’s what I learnt about PR, working in a business and the business of logistics


We are proud to introduce our latest Meantime blogger Elkan Boateng, who has joined us for a week’s work experience from Walworth Academy based in Southwark, home of Meantime’s HQ. We have been inspired by his presence and impressed by the way he has tackled everything we have thrown at him. And now in his own words . . .

After a week in the Meantime office learning about PR, business, and the logistics industry, Elkan quizzed Ray Girvan from International Bulk Journal and Tristan Koch from Awery Aviation Software about all things business.

What’s it like starting your own business and working in business?

“Starting your own business is fun because you get to be your own boss.”

The most important thing that Ray said about starting your own business is that you’ve got to know the different types of market and the right products to sell to customers.

He said the most fun thing about starting a business is that you get to be your own boss and you get to engage with new people.

Tristan spoke about to me about the air cargo business.

He also said a great thing about working in the air cargo business is that you get to travel the world and meet new successful business owners and make connections.

You help make sure cargo arrives at its destination, like the earphones I was wearing for the interview arriving to me from China.

He said a downside can be the unpredictable hours and the fact that it is 24/7, but that also makes the job exciting.

Why do work experience and business studies as a GCSE?

Work experience is a good idea with a business, Ray said, because it shows students how businesses run daily, and it also gives them knowledge about how offices and industries work.

Another thing that Ray said was that doing GCSE business studies is a good idea because it gives me a chance to understand more about the business world and to choose the right pathway in life.

Tristan said GCSE business study is good because students get to learn skills and have an experience about how businesses work.

He said spending time in a business as work experience means I was able to see how a business actually works.

What did I learn from doing work experience with Meantime ?

Doing business work is a fun thing and a good thing because

  1. you get to work with people who have a good experience about working in a business
  2. it’s a fun thing because you’re working with new people who can teach you new skills about how business operate.
  3. It is a fun company to work with and you get to learn new things that will help you in the future if you want to start your own business or work for a business.

Another reason why doing work experience with Meantime Communications is a good thing is because you will get to learn how to do new things and you get to learn how to write articles for newsletters.

Also, you get a chance to learn about interesting facts about air cargo and logistics which is good for businesses and technology.

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