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Why Logistics needs the Next Generation

…and networks like the BIFA Young Forwarders Network and Nextgen Logistics Network

The Launch of the Young Forwarders Network by BIFA (British international Freight Association) last Wednesday was a great opportunity to talk to some of the young people who’re starting out in the logistics industry.

During one of the teamwork tasks that made up the day’s schedule, I spoke to one apprentice in particular who gave me an example that highlighted why young people are so important in our industry.

As with many people who join the industry, she had been given a range of different jobs and roles in jargon that can sometimes resemble a foreign language.

But despite this, she was clearly enjoying and taking advantage her newfound responsibility and opportunities that the industry can provide.

She told me with satisfaction about how within only a few days, she had been able to increase the efficiency of her colleagues at the freight forwarder she works at.

When they were inputting the date of a shipment on the day it was sent out, they were typing the entire date (around of 10 keystrokes) – she discovered that hitting the space bar (one keystroke) loaded the date automatically – guaranteeing 100% accuracy and making a significant time saving.

It’s seems like a tiny detail, but exactly the kind of change the next generation, who have grown up with tech, can bring to the industry.

Employees who had been using the system for years, had never picked up on this shortcut, but within days, someone new to the industry had already saved the old-timers work, time and probably money too.

The logistics industry is complex, with its many sectors and technologies it combines business and engineering, land, sea and air and can be overwhelming to both outsiders and those new to the industry.

This is why initiatives like the BIFA Young Forwarders Network and Nextgen Logistics Network have a vital role to play.

By providing support to people who have just joined the industry and creating a space where knowledge and experience can be shared openly, logistics can become less confusing and more navigable to those with the drive and skills to thrive and keep the industry moving forwards.

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