Cool Chain Association

The CCA is a non-profit organisation with the aim to reduce wastage and improve the quality, efficiency and value of the temperature sensitive supply chain by facilitating and enabling vertical & horizontal collaboration, education and innovation amongst our members and stakeholders.

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About Cool Chain Association

The Cool Chain Association (CCA) is a non-profit organisation bringing together all parts of the temperature-sensitive supply chain to create an impact with visible and measurable results for both companies and for society as a whole.

Its aim is to reduce wastage and improve the quality, efficiency, and value of the temperature-sensitive supply chain by facilitating and enabling vertical and horizontal collaboration, education, and innovation amongst members and stakeholders.

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  • 1 png Stavros Evangelakakis
    Stavros Evangelakakis Head of Global Healthcare
    File size: 48 KB Downloads: 408
  • 2 jpg Gerton Hulsman
    Gerton Hulsman Cool Chain Association Board Director, and Commercial Director, GmbH.
    File size: 573 KB Downloads: 190
  • 3 jpg Vijan Chetty
    Vijan Chetty, General Manager, Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB)
    File size: 532 KB Downloads: 192
  • 4 jpg Nicola Caristo
    Nicola Caristo, Cool Chain Association Secretary General, and Airline Partner Manager SkyCell AG.
    File size: 3 MB Downloads: 357
  • 5 jpg Fabrizio Iacobacci
    Fabrizio Iacobacci, Cool Chain Association Board Director and Head of Pharma Business Development at BCUBE Spa.
    File size: 2 MB Downloads: 326
  • 6 png Miguel Rodríguez Moreno
    Miguel Rodríguez Moreno, Senior Manager Climate Control Products, Qatar Airways Cargo, and CCA Treasurer.
    File size: 424 KB Downloads: 284
  • 7 png Cool Chain Association
    Cool Chain Association
    File size: 25 KB Downloads: 274