Flow Water Technologies

Flow Water Technologies Ltd is a dedicated ballast water management engineering company.

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About Flow Water

Flow Water Technologies Ltd is a dedicated water management engineering company.

Established in 2013, Flow Water brings together a wealth of knowledge and engineering expertise in marine industry water treatment, assembly and manufacturing, enabling it to develop a totally unique and highly sustainable off-set carbon neutral ballast water treatment solution.

Flow Water has offices in the UK, with core technology components engineered and manufactured by the Companies owners in the UK, USA and The Netherlands. Flow Water is headquartered in Cyprus.

Flow Water’s mission is to:

  1. Convert its existing technologies into areas that can create greater efficiencies in the movement of fluids on board vessels, resulting in complete compliance and increased profits for the ship owner.
  2. Provide environmentally sustainable solutions for the marine industry, to replace existing and outdated treatment methods. Manufacture, install and maintain the most efficient and cost-effective Ballast Water Management System available in the global market place.

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    Flow Water's Ballast water Management System, FLOWSAFE
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    “We have taken the joint decision to put aside our immediate commercial objectives and help assist with the national fight against Covid 19 infection escalation,” said Mark Hadfield, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Flow Water Technologies.
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