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Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) is a leading provider of a Cargo Management Ecosystem to the air cargo industry.

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About Hermes Logistics Technologies Ltd.

Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) is a leading provider of Cargo Management Ecosystems to the air cargo industry, headquartered in the United Kingdom.

HLT has evolved its standard Cargo Management System (CMS) and Hub Management System (HMS) products through cloud-first and event-driven principles, creating the Hermes New Generation (NG) Ecosystem.

The Hermes NG Ecosystem includes Hermes Cloud CMS and HMS, Hermes NG Business Intelligence (BI) and Datalakes, Hermes NG Landside Management, Hermes Self-Serve Apps and Hermes Application Programming Interface (API), which provides lower entry costs and a pay-as-you-go offering for its customers as well as pushing customers’ digital credentials.

All HLT applications are designed and driven by HLT’s team of air cargo experts to meet the specific requirements of the air cargo industry, built to streamline cargo ground handling processes, maximise operational efficiency and minimise operational errors.

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