Hermes is a cargo management system designed for the needs of air cargo handlers and airlines, focusing on maximising profits and using inbuilt best practice to reduce handling errors.

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About Hermes

Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) is a provider of Cargo Management Systems to the air cargo industry. Its core application suite includes Hermes CMS (Cargo Management System), Hermes HMS (Hub Management System) and HBI (Hermes Business Intelligence).

Hermes CMS manages all import, export, messaging, service monitoring and accounting processes for traditional cargo ground handling agents. Hermes HMS steers all inbound, outbound, messaging, SLA and accounting processes for airline hubs or transit shed operators. HBI is a comprehensive big data analytical tool, enabling informed management and operational decisions.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, HLT has been pioneering, developing and evolving cargo management systems for air cargo since 2002.

All HLT applications are designed and driven by the HLT team of air cargo experts. Built with the specific requirements of air cargo handlers and airlines in mind, HLT products streamline cargo ground handling processes and maximise profits by using inbuilt best practice to reduce handling and operational errors.

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  • 1 jpg Yuval Baruch
    Yuval Baruch Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Hermes
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    Alexis Labonne CTO, Hermes
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    Jacek Lechocki Head of Products and Services at Hermes Logistics Technologies
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