Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) is a leading provider of a Cargo Management Ecosystem to the air cargo industry.

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About Hermes Logistics Technologies Ltd.

Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) is a leading provider of Cargo Management Ecosystems to the air cargo industry.

Within the last three years HLT has evolved its standard Cargo Management System (CMS) product through cloud-first and event-driven principles to support its digital transformation agenda, thus creating the Hermes New Generation (NG) Ecosystem providing lower entry costs and pay-as-you-go offering for its customers as well as pushing its customers’ digital credentials.

The Hermes NG Ecosystem includes Hermes Cloud CMS and Hub Management System (HMS), Hermes NG Business Intelligence (BI) and Datalakes, Hermes Self-Serve Apps and Hermes Application Programming Interface (API).

Hermes Cloud CMS manages all import, export, messaging, service monitoring and accounting processes for traditional cargo ground handling agents. Hermes Cloud HMS steers all inbound, outbound, messaging, SLA and accounting processes for airline hubs or transit shed operators.

Hermes NG BI is an online event-based cloud Datalake solution that can be consumed easily by any BI software capable of reading JSON, for example, PowerBI. It provides a set of meaningful event data collections online, disconnected from the central Hermes database. It also opens event and data flows to third parties in a secure and controlled way, allowing Hermes customers to thrive in the digital market.

Hermes NG also includes AI based programmes such as forms recognition through cognitive services and predictive analytics based on machine learning, partnering with university resources to create the future models that will underpin cargo intelligence and automation.

Hermes NG Apps are a set of pay-as-you-go self-serve responsive apps running on any device. Some of the available apps are Track & Trace, Companion App, Slot Booking and Landside Management.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, HLT has been pioneering the development and evolution of air cargo management systems since 2002.

All HLT applications are designed and driven by the HLT’s team of air cargo experts.

Built with the specific requirements of air cargo handlers and airlines in mind, HLT products streamline cargo ground handling processes and maximise profits by using inbuilt best practice to maximise operational efficiency and reduce handling and operational errors.

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