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Kale Logistics Solutions is a global IT solutions partner offering a comprehensive suite of IT solutions for the logistics industry.

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About Kale Logistics Solutions:

Incorporated in 2009, Kale Logistics Solutions is a global vertical SaaS company, providing a suite of software solutions for the logistics industry. It counts several Fortune 500 companies including large airports, and seaports as its customers.

With in-depth domain knowledge and technical expertise, Kale has developed a suite of comprehensive digital enterprise solutions.

Its flagship product is the Cargo Community Platform, which offers a single source of data to support operational flows, disseminate information to various stakeholders and facilitate the paperless exchange of trade-related data between stakeholders.

The Cargo Community Platform brings all stakeholders of the cargo value-chain onto a single platform, eliminating redundancies, and bringing seamless communication to the erstwhile disjointed systems. Kale’s other offerings include several SaaS solutions catering to a wide network of Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) and helping strengthen and improve their operational and business capabilities.

Kale has offices in India, Malaysia, UAE, Kenya, Netherlands, Colombia, Canada, and the USA.

It engages with more than 100 airports and seaports worldwide in 35+ countries. Kale Logistics Solutions is a major player in the logistics industry.

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