We are leading fintech public relations specialists.

Meantime has been specialising in delivering fintech PR solutions to companies from across the globe since 2008.

Creative fintech PR solutions might include activities such as press release campaigns as well as copywriting, awards entries, reputation management, media outreach, and social media campaigns.

Our experience of fintech PR means that we have built a database of leading writers covering the sector and can deliver fintech PR campaigns to reach all of the relevant audiences.

Our team of creatives is trained to deliver bespoke B2B PR solutions and have hands on experience of this worldwide.

B2B PR strategies developed over years underpin all of our fintech PR campaigns.

Why use a specialist fintech PR consultancy?

The global Fintech sector is buzzing, with new products launched daily and a multitude of start ups embarking on rapid and ambitious growth plans.

It can be difficult to be heard against this noisy backdrop, but a professional fintech PR consultancy will have the expertise and contacts to ensure every story is told and heard.

B2B PR as a discipline which helps organsations to sell products and services to other organisations. manages a company’s reputation and ensure that they are visible, valued, and understood

A professional Fintech PR consultancy can help manage a brand’s reputation, raise awareness of the brand and ensure the brand stands out from the crowd and its proposition understood.

The jargon connected with technology can make a story seem confusing, but a B2B PR agency will be well versed in taking a complex idea or story and delivering it to targeted audiences in a manner that they can understand.

Fintech PR firms will have built up a dedicated list of influencers who write about the sector, ensuring the right media exposure to target prospects, existing clients and potential employees.

A Fintech PR consultancy brings the knowledge and contacts to work for the best results in this sector.

What is fintech PR ?

Fintech PR is includes delivering public relations services for financial technology businesses, including organsiations delivering payment platform solutions, digital banking, wallets and insurance, payment gateways, peer-to-peer lending, small ticket loans, and cryptocurrency, for example.

In its early incarnation, fintech related to technology applied to the back-end systems of banks or other financial institutions.

It has now grown to include a multitude of different applications that are consumer facing – from paying for a takeaway to easily managing a bank account, or tracking payments and budgeting.

The sector is constantly evolving, with new drivers, such as the introduction of Artificial Intelligence giving companies the opportunity to satisfy more advanced customer needs.

AI applications can not only help to reduce human error and relieve staff from repetitive copy/paste tasks, it can help to analyse spending habits, investment decisions and track account activity, for example.

With so much innovation and such a fast rate of development, messages from fintech companies can feel overwhelming and run the risk of not being picked up or misunderstood,

Fintech PR campaigns will have a positive impact on brand reputation and help to establish you as a thought leaders and trusted partners.

Innovative fintech start-ups have been disrupting the traditional financial business models and shaking up the financial industry as a new generation of customers turn increasingly to tech for financial solutions.

An experienced PR fintech consultancy will understand your brand in the context of the rapidly evolving finance business landscape and will know how to reach your customers with compelling, creative storytelling.

There is a lot of noise around new ideas and launches in this dynamic sector, so it is important to work with a PR partner with the experience and correct contacts to make sure your message is the one that is heard.

There may be explaining to do and jargon to explain when launching a new fintech brand or speaking to new customers about your services.

Establishing trust, building reputation and demonstrating reliability, whilst presenting as agile and innovative will put your brand in front o the right people, whether it is new customers, existing clients or potential investors.

Meantime is well connected with specialist fintech writers who will be able to take your B2B message to the right audience, which is important when explaining your product and thought-leadership.

Beyond the B2B audience, there is considerable interest and a general curiosity from more mainstream titles to explain to their readers the benefits of the latest fintech developments.

The message to these writers needs to be clear and include compelling storytelling in a context that they are able to understand and translate into an informative and readable article.

The right fintech PR campaign will also highlight to your exsiting staff that you are proud of their achievements and make them feel good to be working with your company.

In order to continue innovating and staying ahead of the curb, you will need to attract the best talent to join your team, and appearing regularly in the media with positive messaging is an excellent way to do this.

Fintech PR success stories

Meantime founders Emma and Julian have a combined 44 years’ experience of working for, and with, the tech, fintech PR, transport and supply chain industries. Both are trained journalists with experience on local and national newspapers and magazines and journalism qualifications.

Over the last 12 years we have built up a dedicated database of specialist writers reporting on the fintech industry globally and are in regular contact with them to talk about our clients. Meantime has over 20 clients based in 12 countries covering Europe, the USA, Asia, and Africa and including number one financial platform for moving money and vital remittance information between payers and vendors in the logistics industry PayCargo and aviation industry-first fintech platform Airblox that enables freight forwarders and airlines to digitally trade air cargo capacity.

In 2020 alone, we distributed 86 press releases and secured 2470 articles for clients, reaching 981.9m people worldwide. We help fintech customers to launch new brands, raise awareness of their existing brand, reach new markets and customers and encourage talented employees to join them.

We are up to date with the latest online trends preferred by fintech PR companies and curate and create content for all of the main social media platforms, which we also track and report on.