Logistics PR Specialists

Specialist logistics PR consultancy Meantime Communications has been supporting companies focused on supply chain, logistics, airfreight, ground handling, and transport since 2008.

We engage audiences globally through strategic campaigns, developing creative logistics PR solutions for our clients worldwide – including press releases and press relations, copywriting, events, awards entries, speeches, reputation management, and social media campaigns.

We develop and launch brands, including logos, web sites, and vision and mission strategies and statements.

Meantime has built an unrivalled logistics PR and supply chain PR database of leading writers and influencers reporting on the latest news and trends in the supply chain globally and we have a team of creatives, who are also trained writers and journalists delivering logistics PR solutions.

Why use a specialist logistics PR consultancy?

A logistics PR consultancy understands the business of logistics and supply chain and can cut through industry jargon to ensure that your message is understood by your target audiences.

Raising brand awareness relies on close relationships with the writers and influencers reporting on your sector and a specialist consultancy will have built an extensive network of the right people to speak to.

A logistics PR consultancy understands your story in the context of your sector but can also translate it into meaningful messaging for a broader group of stakeholders when needed.

A professional supply chain PR consultancy has the right expertise to devise strategic communication plans supporting your business objectives in the context of your industry.

You should check that your logistics PR partner has demonstrable qualifications in communications, with experience in public relations campaigns and preferably an affiliation with a recognised trade Association, which has an accredited Code of Conduct as part of its membership.

PR is a fast-moving industry, and your chosen partner should be able to demonstrate that they are up to date with the latest trends, especially with regards to online communication and social media.

What can PR do for a logistics company?

The logistics industry has undertaken big changes over the last decade, from embracing technology, to finding solutions to handle the exploding e-commerce demand globally.

Last mile delivery, reverse logistics, cool supply chain solutions, and automated warehousing are just some of the new expert fields being developed by supply chain specialists to keep up with a rapidly evolving and increasingly digitised business and consumer landscape.

Most recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the logistics industry has hit the front pages for the first time as it demonstrated its vital importance, from keeping supply chains moving after panic buying from shoppers across the globe, to delivering urgent consignments of PPE and developing new ways to safely transport vaccines at the correct temperature.

Supply chain is not a new business, but there is plenty going on that is new in the sector and a PR logistics campaign will help to spread the word about all of the innovation taking place in the industry and help raise awareness with new and existing customers.

With so much diversification in the supply chain sector, it is important for companies to ensure they stand out from their competition and highlight their USPs and specialisations.

An experienced logistics B2B PR consultancy will have the know-how to drive brand recognition and help affiliate it with its chosen specialism.

This might be by tailoring stories to appeal to different writers in the specific verticals you are trying to speak to, for example.

Driving thought leadership is a cornerstone of an effective logistics PR campaign.

It is not enough to have the required expertise, a company must ensure their customers, both existing and prospects are aware of what they can do, understand they are leaders in the field and feel confident that they are working with a flexible innovator with a track record of achievement.

The supply chain industry is growing all of the time and to stay relevant and credible and drive sales to ensure long term stability and growth a logistics PR partner can help take your story to your stakeholders.

There are different ways to achieve this using a logistics PR firm, including press release campaigns and media relations, as well as taking part in industry events as a speaker, entering awards, and writing opinion pieces.

An important group of stakeholders to consider when looking at logistics PR ideas are you internal customers, as well as the talent that you need to attract and retain to continue growing.

By establishing your brand as an innovative thought-leader and telling your story, you will be speaking to will encourage the best people to aspire to work for you.

The logistics industry has not traditionally turned to PR to help raise its profile, but this is changing as companies innovate and adapt to new consumer trends, developing tech solutions, which challenge as well as help, and revolutionary ideas thanks to the likes of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

Logistics businesses are brilliant at adapting, with the help of a specialist logistics PR firm, they can shout loud and proud about their achievements and communicate their strengths.

Logistics PR success stories

Meantime has over 20 clients based in 12 countries covering Europe, the USA, Asia, and Africa and including Europe’s fourth busiest cargo hub, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Cargo, the operator of the world’s biggest plane, Antonov Airlines, and Africa’s leading drone operator, Astral Aviation.

We represent 4PLs, 3PLs, and freight forwarders, including Kerry Logistics and Tigers, as well as Associations such as Cargo iQ and the Cool Chain Association. In 2020 alone, we distributed 86 press releases and secured 2470 articles for clients, reaching 981.9m people worldwide.

We help supply chain customers to launch new brands, raise awareness of their existing brand, reach new markets and customers and encourage talented employees to join them.

We are up to date with the latest online trends and curate and create content for all of the main social media platforms, which we also track and report on. Our success stems from careful planning and strategic thinking, as well as our specialist media contacts, training, and logistics PR expertise.

We are in constant contact with clients to ensure we have a clear understanding of their business objectives so that we can develop communication objectives which support their desired outcomes. We are proud to be a part of the team. We work seamlessly with our clients’ logistics marketing team.

We regularly report back on outcomes to check that the strategy we have in place is aligned with our clients’ business. Armed with an in-depth understanding of the business of logistics PR combined with a knowledge of our customers’ industry, we develop innovative campaigns to set our client’s brands apart from their competitors.