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We are the leading sustainability public relations specialists.

Sustainability is no longer a minority interest or even a trend. There has been a huge cultural shift towards customers choosing to only work with and buy from brands and companies that have a people, plant, profit approach to business.

It means that organisations across all sectors need to put careful thought into their sustainable credentials, from recycling in the office, to providing a healthy office environment for their team.

And it is not only customers who are voting with their feet. The NextGen are no longer willing to compromise on sustainability in their chosen workplace. If your company can’t demonstrate commitment to the issues that matter in today’s world, you will miss out on recruiting and retaining the best talent.

Against the backdrop of this changing business landscape, there are a multitude of new regulations and compliance rules driving the sustainability agenda.

Sustainability is not, as it once was, about ticking boxes to achieve a nominal Corporate Social Responsibility plan

And it is not, as it once was simply a green movement, where recycling office supplies will be enough to prove you have a heart.

A sustainable business approach means paying attention to the so-called triple bottom line, moving away from a traditional financial/accounting-focused system, to embrace a more comprehensive approach in measuring impact and success – people, planet, profit.

If an organization focuses soley on profit, ignoring people and planet, it cann not account for the full cost of doing business and will therefore be unlikely to succeeed long term.

Companies need to consider hthe impact of their business on all stakeholders, from employees and customers, to suppliers, the community and the environment.

But is is not enough to just do, you need to let people know and understand what you are doing to be able to lead from the front in this new business world. And that is where PR can help.

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Why use a specialist PR firm to demonstrate sustainability?

A sustainability PR consultancy with background in ethical PR campaigns understands the importance of demonstrating commitment to a “triple bottom line” business model driven by a people, planet, profit mentality.

Sustainability is no longer a “nice to have”, increasingly it is a must have, not only to secure a strong future and happy workforce, but also to meet with the evolving compliance landscape.

Raising brand awareness around ethical practices relies on building strong messaging about demonstrable sustainability goals and achievements.

As a sustainability PR specialist consultancy which practices what we preach, we have first-hand experience of delivering ethical PR campaigns with messaging that works.

A professional sustainability PR consultancy will understand your business and help you to develop strategic communications plans to support your sustainability business objectives and encourage stakeholders to follow your lead.

We are proud of our ethical, personal approach, which ensures we understand how to communicate our customers’ sustainable achievements with ethical PR campaigns.

Our sustainability PR program is tailored to each client’s experience, showcasing Corporate Social Responsibility achievements as well as green credentials.

We practice what we preach, and we are privileged to support a number of charities and volunteer our time and expertise to help our community.

We host workshops for the Taylor Bennet Foundation, an organisation supporting BAME candidates in PR, as well as volunteering our sustainability PR skills and services to support charities, including Feeding Britain, aimed at eliminating child poverty in the UK, Home Start Greenwich, supporting children and families in South East London, and Transaid, supporting safe and reliable transport across Africa.

We are also a founding member of the Women in Logistics and Freight (WAL) movement, which aims to encourage gender parity in the logistics and supply chain industry by launching projects with tangible outcomes. WAL has started a database of female experts who are ready to share insight and knowledge at industry events or are interested in applying for Board level positions.

We are a Living Wage employer, part of a voluntary scheme, which pledges to pay workers a living wage rather than the minimum wage.

We are a  Climate Positive Workforce meaning employee carbon footprint and business travel are offset by planting trees and financing carbon reduction projects globally through Ecologi.

Meantime puts training at the heart of employee development and thanks to our Meantime Academy Training Program, supported by the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).

Our training keeps us up to date with the latest PR trends and developments, as well as ethics in the industry and gives our team support with mental wellbeing. The training programme involves a series of courses hosted by the PRCA and CIPR, as well as self-learning activities.

Our sustainable PR agency embraces new ideas and develops solutions to suit all stakeholders, including hosting client news portals, which include archived press releases and news stories, plain text download features, and picture libraries to help journalists.

We have invested in software to deliver interactive clippings books, which include tailored metrics to give us better insight into the outcomes of our campaigns. We look at KPIs including brand mentions, reach, domain authority, tone of voice, and social coverage.

What is the meaning of sustainability for businesses?

Meantime has over 20 clients based in 12 countries covering Europe, the USA, Asia, and Africa and supports a number of charities and Associations with voluntary sustainability PR work. In 2020 alone, we distributed 86 press releases and secured 2470 articles for clients, reaching 981.9m people worldwide.

We help customers to raise awareness of their brand’s ethical stance, as well as take the message to new markets and customers and encourage talented employees to join them. We are up to date with the latest online trends and curate and create content for all of the main social media platforms, which we also track and report on.

Our success stems from careful planning and strategic thinking, as well as our specialist media contacts, training, and sustainability PR expertise. We are in constant contact with clients to ensure we have a clear understanding of their ethical PR objectives so that we can develop communication objectives which support their desired outcomes. We are proud to be a part of the team. We work seamlessly with our clients’ marketing team.

We regularly report back on outcomes to check that the strategy we have in place is aligned with our clients’ business. Armed with an in-depth understanding of the business of ethical PR combined with a knowledge of our customers’ goals and achievements, we develop innovative campaigns to set our client’s brands apart from their competitors.