SESAR Deployment Manager was set up by the European Commission to synchronise and coordinate the deployment of Air Traffic Management modernisation projects across Europe as part of the Single European Sky Initiative (SES).

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    About SESAR Deployment Manager

    The SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) function is defined by the Article 9 of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) N°409/2013. Under the oversight of the European Commission, the SDM function consists of the synchronisation and the coordination of the deployment of the Common Projects.

    A Common Project is a Commission Implementing Regulation which mandates the implementation of the most essential operational changes in the European ATM Master Plan by the Member States of the European Union and their operational stakeholders.The first Common Project is known as the Pilot Common Project (PCP) and is defined by the Regulation (EU) N°716/2014.

    The SDM synchronises and coordinates implementation against the SESAR Deployment  Programme which is a project view of the Common Projects organizing their implementation into optimum sequences of activities by all the stakeholders required to implement.

    To develop and maintain the SESAR Deployment Programme in close consultation with all the stakeholders is another important task under the SDM function.The SDM function is performed by the SESAR Deployment Alliance (SDA). The SDA is a “Not-for-Profit” International Association (AISBL) set-up under Belgian Law and composed of leading airlines, airports and air navigation service providers –the managers and users of Europe’s airspace. They are committed to the principle of the Single European Sky and to deploying the technologies that will deliver it to create customer and environmental efficiencies.

    SESAR deployment saves trees, fuel, money and time for YO(E)U while supporting the growth of air traffic at an affordable cost, reducing environmental impact and increasing safety. We are supporting the European Green Deal by modernising Air Traffic Management and improving air mobility in a sustainable way.

    150 projects out of 345 are in operation bringing benefits to passengers (representing 24% of the investment):

    • On passengers time we save 1.5m minutes and 75m euro in 2020 and 20m minutes and 1bn euro by 2030.
    • On the environment we save 25K tons of fuel, 79K tons of CO2 and 19m euro in 2020 and 357K tons of fuel, 1.1m tons of CO2 and 250m euro by 2030.

    *Please note that all figures have been calculated before the COVD-19 pandemic and its impact on aviation

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    Delivering ATM modernisation together.

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      Memorandum of Understanding signed to set out how they will cooperate on SESAR deployment
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      Nicolas Warinsko SESAR Deployment Manager General Manager
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      Freek de Witte Head of Stakeholder Relations at SESAR Deployment Manager
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    SESAR: Delivering the future of aviation together, Bucharest 3rd-4th June, 2019.

    Meantime’s Julian Pryke hosted the conference that gave attendees the unique opportunity to hearhow Europe is tackling ATM modernisation.

    Interactive debates with aviation stakeholders provided different angles and discussion on how aviation stakeholders can work together to accommodate future growth in air traffic and deal with the capacity crunch.