Tigers is a global logistics and transportation company that specialises in bespoke supply chain solutions, e-fulfilment and transportation by air, sea, rail and road.

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About Tigers

Tigers is a global logistics, transportation company, founded in 1969, that specialises in tailored supply chain solutions, e-fulfilment, and transportation by air, sea, rail and road. The Tigers brand and logo was created in 2011.

Its cloud-based SmartHub:Connect platform is a combined freight, e-commerce, and logistics portal, which is modular and scalable, and integrates with Tigers services, and customer tools and vendors.

Tigers eShop, an online trading platform, provides customers with a marketplace and full e-commerce supply chain support in some of the world’s largest e-retail markets including China, Malaysia, USA, Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany.

eTigers is an omni-channel fulfilment product providing the processes and software for full end-to-end e-commerce solutions, that can be used as a full suite, or as part to be swapped in and out, to work with existing systems.

Headquartered in Hong Kong with 70 offices in 11 countries, Tigers has 32 omnichannel distribution hubs supporting customers in the healthcare, technology, fashion, automotive, wine and perishables, and outdoor and active lifestyle sectors, amongst others.

Tigers is proud to support the charities Ubuntu Pathways in South Africa and the Discover Urjaa Charitable Trust in India.

For more information, visit go2tigers.com

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  • 1 jpg Mark Gatenby
    Mark Gatenby, Chief Information Officer, Tigers
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  • 2 png clinton smith
    Clinton Smith Group Financial Officer
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  • 3 jpg Shahar Ayash
    Shahar Ayash Managing Director Europe at Tigers Limited
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  • 4 png Sebastian Tschackert
    Sebastian Tschackert President Americas at TIGERS Ltd
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  • 5 jpg Tigers Pic
    A total of five million medical masks will be transported by Tigers from China to Australia.
    File size: 2 MB Downloads: 211
  • 6 jpg Tigers Rotterdam Hub
    The carbon neutral warehouse has 60,000 pallet positions, 550,000 bin locations, and has been equipped with solar panels and energy-efficient LED lighting.
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  • 7 mp4 Tigers Drone Vid
    Drone footage of the new Rotterdam hub created by DHG.
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  • 8 jpg Jana Schebera
    Jana Schebera is the new Tigers Managing Director, China, adding a further layer of freight forwarding expertise to the growing business.
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  • 9 jpg Paul Lawrence
    “We expect the market for renewable energy to continue to grow in the coming years, and Tigers is ready for the demand,” said Paul Lawrence, Managing Director, Tigers.
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  • 10 png Tigers w lockup
    Tigers Ltd Logo Logistics PR
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